KNM’s Salon#1 – invited guest Emre Dündar

KNM's Salon #1
live from KNM's Garage 51 | Fahrbereitschaft
May 1st, 2021

with Emre Dündar (guest), Karin Weissenbrunner and Thomas Bruns (hosts)

Meet the composer Emre Dündar at our coming KNM’s Salon #1 on 1st May, 6 pm. Dündar spent most of his life in Istanbul where numerous languages intersect and collide. Dündar collects speech recordings as sonic memories to incorporate them into his music. In the Salon, we will talk with him more about his tribute to disappearing languages and dialects. We are also proud to premiere his new work »Uptalk« – a piece for bass flute and bass clarinet with Rebecca Lenton and Theo Nabicht.